Trend Analysis-Based Financial Services


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Service partnership with Global Exchange OKX.

There are two algorithms: buying and selling algorithms.

Automatic algorithm conversion according to the fall and rise of the market.

Losses through automatic algorithm switching are minimal and continuous revenue can be generated.

Easy and simple user-oriented UI.

Easy to use on mobile with responsive UI.

Chart indicator analysis

API-Key linked

Stable revenue

Reasonable fees


Integrated Asset Management Platform

Coming soon

With just one application, you can manage your finances and assets in one place

Everything about asset management from account linked to trading

Link existing fintech investment products

Financial services increase my assets

Consolidate the capabilities required for asset management

Exchange integrated management

Financial services

Timing notification

Open banking

Wallet Service

Profitable wallet service with an asset management system


A profitable wallet that combines digital asset deposit services

Provide regular interest income through its own asset management system

Secure asset storage and ease of management

Asset management system linked

Deposit service

All time subscription

Stable interest income


Blockchain-based Multichannel Transaction System

Business partnership

All-in-one wallet service from international exchange to remittance and payment

Direct payment in KRW from overseas: automatic exchange

Easy payment with money exchanged

Transfer immediately after exchanging money

Busan city -Hana card Fintech Challenge Award-winning Item

Simple currency exchange

Simple overseas remittance

Simple overseas payment

Blockchain-based system


Leo Alpha Algorithm-based RoboAdvisor Services

Terminated of service

4 Exchange Service Support

Distributed investment with proven system trading to manage assets.

A variety of investment strategies can be constructed.

Easy and simple user-oriented UI.

Easy to use on mobile with responsive UI.

Sales timing analysis

API-key linked

BTC-based trading

Robo advisor


Asset Management System

Asset Management System Combining Self-Developed Algorithms

Organization of personal and institutional asset management systems

Support for various exchanges is available

Portfolio constructed with a variety of digital asset operations

Easy and simple user oriented UI.

Reactive UI makes it easy to use on mobile.

Provice Liquidity System

Provision of liquidity for foundations and exchanges.

Use detailed settings easily and simply

Simple financial transactions between exchanges

Apply algorithms to respond to bot attacks

User-friendly UI with interface from exchange

Easy to use on mobile with responsive UI


Leo Alpha Algorithm

completion of patent application

Algorithm by big data analysis and quant strategy based chart index analysis.

Determining the timing of the sale by dividing the rise and fall.

Categorized by algorithms available in a spot market and a margin market.

Applicable to all financial markets formed by charts.

Leo Alpha K

Spot transaction only

Cumulated rate of return


Annualized rate of return




Leo Alpha BM1

futures trading

Cumulated rate of return


Annualized rate of return




Leo Alpha BM2

futures trading

Cumulated rate of return


Annualized rate of return




Leo Alpha BM3

futures trading

Cumulated rate of return


Annualized rate of return




※ All figures are the results of transaction details from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2021.

Algorithm trend analysis

Algorithm that divides the rise and fall of charts and determines the timing of sales

The range of increase and decrease is analyzed by referring to the chart data.

Algorithms that can be applied to various digital assets.

Yield compared to Bitcoin Holding.

Spot transaction only

Cumulated rate of return


Monthly rate of return


※ All figures are the results of transaction details from May 1, 2022 to August 30, 2022.

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